Luigi Ceccarini e James L. Newell

The Italian General Election of 2018

Italy in Uncharted Territory

Editore: Palgrave Macmillan

Anno: 2019


ISBN: 9783030136161

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Luigi Ceccarini is a researcher for the Laboratory of Political and Social Studies, LaPolis, at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy, where he teaches society and politics. He is co-editor of Comunicazione Politica and the author of La cittadinanza online (2015) and Tra politica e società (with I. Diamanti, 2018).

James L. Newell is a former professor of politics at the University of Salford UK and currently a visiting professor at the University of Turin, Italy. He is co-editor of Contemporary Italian Politics and the author of Corruption in Contemporary Politics (2018) and Silvio Berlusconi: A Study in Failure (2018).



An insightful overview of contemporary Italian politics by some of the leading experts in public opinion, media, and parties. Highly recommended for international readers wishing to understand where the Lega/M5S populist government comes from, and why.
Mauro Barisione, University of Milan, President ITANES – Italian National Election Studies

Italian politics has often provided a portent of the possible transformations of other established democracies. The 2018 election was no exception, producing the first elected populist government since the Second World War. This book offers a clear, comprehensive and compelling account of the context, conduct, outcomes and broader significance of the campaign. Required reading for Italian specialists, it is accessible to, and should be read by, anyone interested in the future of democracy more generally.

Richard Bellamy, Professor of Political Science, University College, London (UCL)

A very important book, one essential for understanding the real ‘tsunami’ in Italian Politics brought on by the elections of March 2018, written by excellent political scientists. The authors provide many data and a range of analyses covering the election campaign, the result of the vote and the political parties taking into account the economic, European and international contexts. They also discuss the new Parliament and the new government. An extremely useful volume.

Marc Lazar, Sciences Po, Paris.